Some Impressive, Talented Artists!

I am not real impressed by a lot of artwork that I see - not because I'm such an expert, or even that I know what constitutes beautiful artwork, but IMHO only, since I have a little talent, and my father is such a talented painter, a lot of what I see is nice, but not amazing. Certain arts, such as glassblowing, constitute something resembling MAGIC to me, as far as I can tell! I have never tried it, and so can't look at it and understand how it's done. Other artwork, such as pottery or jewelry, is something I understand, but if someone takes it in a new direction, something I would not have thought of, it is impressive to me. Here are some artists I was fascinated with at the Black Swamp festival....

I seem to be attracted by pottery, and, although working in concrete is WAY different, I can relate to what potters do in some ways. I did not purchase any of them, though - every place I could think of to put a piece seems to be taken up by a leaf! Hmmm. I tried not to say to them what always bothers ME, though -" Oh, your work is beautiful! Such good prices! How Unique! Too bad I'm (choose all that apply) A) downsizing, B) broke, C) A parent of young children, or D) moving." Oh well, C'est la Vie!
Some more colorful pottery by Parsley Pottery (I like that name!) in Cincinnati, Oh. (NOTE: While I do not mind photos taken of my work, many artists DO, so please ASK before taking photos of artwork! And if you do ask and they say no, don't get upset - they need to protect their livelihood.)

...And some amazing sculptures!

This is Larry Mack of Lars Glass Originals http://www.larsglassoriginals.com/, he has been a friend of ours for a long time, and has been in this business for a long time, too (of course, he probably started when he was 5 or 6, right, Larry?)
But now that I am starting in the art field, he has become more like my "Mentor"! We have been at some of the same events, and he gives me good advice and information on what shows may be successful for me and shares different techniques he has found that work for him at these shows. Our artwork is at totally different ends of the scale (he works in glass; that's more of the stuff filed under "Magic"!), so we're not competitors at all. We own some of each other's work. In fact, here's one of Larry's glass and copper pieces in my garden, fashioned to place in a birdbath ( NOTE: did you know that copper inhibits algae groth in fountains and birdbaths? Just throw a couple copper pennies in it - or get one of these sculptures!)


Good Show!

My apologies for not updating this sooner (still recovering!) But I only have 2 words to describe last weekend - PER-FECT! Started off with finding out no one was on one side of us, since this is very space - intensive, that really helped a lot! Set up went well, there was a hospitality room provided to the artists, with food, coffee (!), water, restrooms, etc., the weather was just what I would have ordered if I could have - temperate, light breeze, sunny...

...ready for the crowds!

The crowds were great - a constant flow of buying customers, no weirdos (sic), we were close to the food and music (see below).
From the people who said they showed up just to see me because they had seen my blog (finally!), to the lady who told me she went thru the whole show, could only afford to purchase from one artist, and chose me because my work was the most unique.....
And I don't think I'll forget the person who wanted one of my nicest birdbaths as a memorial gift for a friend whose gardener spouse passed away.....

The view from our booth Sat. night. (below)

Coming back from a short walk and is - that?.....Naw, couldn't be MY booth with the crowd of people around it! Feels like I'm having an out of body experience!

So next time I complain about the weather or the sales or the food (WAAA!), remind me of this past weekend!



...That will be going with me to Bowling Green! Getting into some Fall coloring. Tis is a large Okra (!) leaf that can be placed in a flower bed, used as a centerpiece, or hung as wall art with the aluminum hanger in back.
This one is my only large Gunnera leaf I have at the moment (it doesn't throw very many leaves at a time - I'm just happy I am able to keep it going in my climate!) Another that may lay flat or hang.
Another big Okra formed into a birdbath, it has a copper fitting cast into the bottom and comes with a 2 1/2' copper pipe. The birdbaths can also be used to lay flat on the ground (the fitting can just fit into a little indentation in the ground for stability).

Well, gotta go! Hubby and I have a truck to load! :o)



Well, only a few more days! Here's a press release that gives all the info...
Planning is Complete…Donʼt Miss this HUGE Regional Event
Bowling Green, OH--Wood County - The 17th annual Black Swamp Arts Festival will feature a variety of visual artists from across the country, local and national musical acts, and an interactive youth art area
– all free of charge.
The Festival running from Friday, Sept. 11 at 5 p.m. thru Sunday, Sept. 13 5 p.m. It will open Friday with live music on the Main Stage. A large variety of food and drink
will be available in the Concessions Garden situated adjacent to the stage. Juried and Wood County Invitational Art shows will be open Saturday and Sunday. Festival guests will be entertained with live music and art throughout the weekend.
As music rings through the Downtown on Saturday and Sunday, patrons can enjoy the two fine art and fine craft shows
featuring artists from across the nation as well as from the Wood County community.
The Juried Art Show features more than 100 artists in varied mediums ranging from watercolor, jewelry, sculpture, photography, multimedia and glass. Along with past festival winners and familiar favorites, many new and exciting artists will
display and sell their work.
Additionally, more than 40 local artists display their work in the Wood County Invitational Art Show. All art shows are open Saturday, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
For more information visit www.blackswamparts.org