Leaves of Love

***Attention, animal people!***
 I am officially launching a new idea, brought about by my wanting to help a Facebook friend. Sadly, her cat had been poisoned by a neighbor. She has a little girl, who had understandably been devastated by this incident. I really wanted to do something to help them a little, but what could I do? The answer came to me when they were told that the animal would have to be cremated because burying the poisoned remains could contaminate the ground. I thought, why couldn't I cast a (catnip) leaf pendant for her daughter, and incorporate some of their kitty's ashes right inside of it (since it would last forever)? So I offered to do just that!  

The more I thought about it, I knew I would really love to have created something like that for my own pets, (even though I have never had any of them cremated), and will probably do so in the future, when my kitties cross the Rainbow Bridge. I could even embed a tiny tuft of fur, or a whisker, a piece of a favorite toy, whatever.
 A Catnip leaf for felines, or a Dogwood leaf for canines! If your dog had a favorite tree to lay under, or if your cat always sat on a branch of "their" tree, I could even use a leaf from that actual plant! 

If not a pendant, I could incorporate the ashes (or ?) into a small leaf to hang on a wall or fence instead, with, of course, the pet's name on the back inside a heart   Whatever the pet owner would want! I'm very excited by this idea and would love feedback from you all ~ please let me know what you think!