Last Show 2011~ Harrison Rally Day

...A cool, cloudy mid September morning in a small NW Ohio community. This was fun, because it is a downtown street festival and it has a mix of the activities a lot of people think of when they hear "street festival" in the Midwest. 

One being: historical celebrations :
This event is named for a rally held in Perrysburg in the 1800s for William Henry Harrison. If you've heard of "Tippecanoe and Tyler too", it was the Whig party's campaign song based on General Harrison's exploits at the Battle of Tippecanoe fought in 1811 against Chief Tecumseh, and his vice presidential running mate, John Tyler. Mr. Tyler, the 10th president, succeeded Mr. Harrison on April 4, 1841, a month after Mr. Harrison's inauguration. (This last bit of info was totally copied from another website: I generally run as far away from History as I can as a rule...)

Quite a large "small" Festival, 240 booth/tents were set up along the streets of Perrysburg,Ohio.

...Here's mine!
And it wouldn't be a Midwest street fair without a parade!
 Of course, the local high school's marching band, too...
Always displayed proudly at my booth!
And we all love our classic cars! My Dad actually had a black '57 Chevy that I still remember riding in! He sold it when I was 10 :-(...
Then the sun came out and totally transformed the day (Although, as you can see, our booth was WAY too close to the railroad tracks!) 
The local fire department showing off for the kids...
I HAD to get a picture of THIS guy! I didn't even ask to take his picture - I figure that if one walks around with two dogs in doggie harnesses hanging on him , he should expect it! Don't think anyone would have believed me anyway if I hadn't provided proof!
 My Hibiscus Blossom display
And the Faerie Doors! TWO more are now out in the world attracting our tiny friends =-)
I'm so thrilled with digital cameras, because I always take such important and well thought out photos, like the sun glinting off my FunGi....
I always like to take an "artist's eye" shot from inside the booth! Good parting shot, too. Later!