Free Comic Book Day 2010

(****Shameless Promotion Warning ****)

...of spouse's business!

How many times do you hear "free" nowadays for real, without a catch? Well, this Saturday, May first, Monarch Comics in Toledo http://www.monarchcardsandcomics.com/ (4400 Heatherdowns) will actually have FREE comic books available to everyone! Comic shops across the country will be participating in Free Comic Book Day http://www.freecomicbookday.com/, but it is up to the individual dealers to add any exceptions/stipulations, like "free with $_.00 purchase", but there's none of that at Monarch! There are many FREE comics available, many different titles, and not 3 page pamphlets - these are real comics (and I think they even throw into the mix some of their extra backstock issues, but don't hold me to that), and FREE to anyone who stops in!

Where will I be? At an annual plant and perennial swap far from there! lol After 28 years, I know better than to get in the way!!!
Stop by and tell them I sent you!


A Stroll In Downtown Toledo

It was a beautiful day today, so I took a walk around on my lunch hour...

 Here's a sculpture across the street from my workplace, in front of my OLD workplace! Impressive building, huh? Too bad it's empty    ...:o(

 ...A closer look

This is a memorial sculpture inspired by Art Tatum in front of the brand new arena - the dark spaces are illuminated in blue at night. The parking garage at the far left is where I park, I also manage the parkers using that facility.

This is the old but renovated Valentine Theatre  

 This is close to the Valentine - (I apologise to the artist, but I think it borders on hideous)! If I was a five year old, it would scare me!

 Close to the water (Maumee River) - the panels are holographic when the light hits them just right.

Hark! There lies yon river I spoke thereof...picture taken thru the oak tree that I procure the leaves from for some of my pendants
I'll continue my tour in a few days!


Happy Earth Day!

I'm sure this is not big news to you all - it's all over the place! - but today is the 40th celebration of Earth Day!

And here's my Earth Day message: You don't have to recycle, and compost, and drive a hybrid, and garden organic, and use rechargeable batteries, and reuse 'gray' water, and use flourescent lightbulbs,and plant a tree, and conserve energy and gasolene usage all at the same time - just do SOME of those things! That's the problem. Some of us are really trying, but many more don't do ANYTHING! And the scariest part is, they don't CARE! Well, they should- especially if they've had children - they may not care, but their descendants might, don't you think?! If every one of us would just do whatever they could towards conservation, it could really make a difference. And if you're reading my blog, it's more likely than not that you already feel the same way, so today, I think we should all find one or more of those "uncaring" folks and try (tactfully) to convince them a little that, like it or not, we're in this together!


Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leafs a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
~~~~Robert Frost

Much of the charm of Spring lies in all its ephemeral beauty....
we have to enjoy it while we can!


A Wish For All Of You...

Photo courtesy of The Daily Kitten website
I hope everyone has a peaceful and fulfilling Easter Sunday. And if you don't celebrate - I wish for you to have a happy Spring (or Fall, for those of you in another hemisphere!) day surrounded by those who love you!