Free Comic Book Day 2010

(****Shameless Promotion Warning ****)

...of spouse's business!

How many times do you hear "free" nowadays for real, without a catch? Well, this Saturday, May first, Monarch Comics in Toledo http://www.monarchcardsandcomics.com/ (4400 Heatherdowns) will actually have FREE comic books available to everyone! Comic shops across the country will be participating in Free Comic Book Day http://www.freecomicbookday.com/, but it is up to the individual dealers to add any exceptions/stipulations, like "free with $_.00 purchase", but there's none of that at Monarch! There are many FREE comics available, many different titles, and not 3 page pamphlets - these are real comics (and I think they even throw into the mix some of their extra backstock issues, but don't hold me to that), and FREE to anyone who stops in!

Where will I be? At an annual plant and perennial swap far from there! lol After 28 years, I know better than to get in the way!!!
Stop by and tell them I sent you!

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