A Stroll In Downtown Toledo

It was a beautiful day today, so I took a walk around on my lunch hour...

 Here's a sculpture across the street from my workplace, in front of my OLD workplace! Impressive building, huh? Too bad it's empty    ...:o(

 ...A closer look

This is a memorial sculpture inspired by Art Tatum in front of the brand new arena - the dark spaces are illuminated in blue at night. The parking garage at the far left is where I park, I also manage the parkers using that facility.

This is the old but renovated Valentine Theatre  

 This is close to the Valentine - (I apologise to the artist, but I think it borders on hideous)! If I was a five year old, it would scare me!

 Close to the water (Maumee River) - the panels are holographic when the light hits them just right.

Hark! There lies yon river I spoke thereof...picture taken thru the oak tree that I procure the leaves from for some of my pendants
I'll continue my tour in a few days!

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