New Stuff!

One of the few larger Gunnera leaves I have, painted in more Autumn -like colors. Turned out very well!
...And since the summer is staying very cool this year, and my Lotus hasn't thrown very large leaves yet, I wanted something to substitute for now. I came up with multiple waterlily leaves, which is still an aquatic theme, but larger (and more awesome) than a single leaf! This is the only one I had so far, it sold within an hour at the last show, so I will be working on others, along with the Lotus.


Break Time (?)

For my second year there, Art On The Mall was consistently busy, with nice weather (too windy, but dry) and the event people and volunteers were exceptionally considerate and accessible. On the survey they gave me, I told them there was nothing I could see that they could have done better (...except maybe provided free ice cream? - hey, it's worth a shot! ). If I am still doing this next year, I am certainly planning to be back!

Sold all of my Lotus birdbaths- fortunately, looks like one of mine is finally starting to throw big leaves! I know what I'll be doing the next few weeks!


Nobody Warned Me This Would Happen

I really enjoy participating in art and craft fairs- of course, or I wouldn't do it! BUT, it never occured to me that, in order to be ready to go at 7:30 or 8:00 or 9:00 AM, you have to be starting at 5:30 AM or so! Not being any kind of an early bird (all they get are worms), I really dread climbing out of bed in the middle of the night. Coffee is my drug of choice on THOSE mornings!

THEN, half asleep and irritable, we get the dumb questions all day ( all artists/crafters get dumb questions, I'm sure they're different depending on what their art is)- "So, you make molds from leaves?" "No." "So you cast a leaf and make a mold from it?" "No." "So you Plaster of Paris a leaf and THEN make molds from it?" "NO! NO MOLDS!"

"So, is dese things ashtrays?" "No." (Does anyone even USE ashtrays anymore?)

" What are these made out of?" "They're cement." "Oh, so at what temperature do you fire these?" "They're not fired -they're CEMENT." "Are they dishwasher safe?" ... "Hey, my sister does pottery, too".etc...Sigh.

Actually, I don't normally get irritated, it's sort of humorous ( "let's count how many times we get THAT question"), and the people who end up becoming my customers rarely ask stuff like that, I've noticed. Come to think of it, though, I don't remember getting as many dumb questions when I was making jewelry...


Art On The Mall

...For the first time, I am now a "returning" artist! This will be the second year I will be set up here, it is a really nice, uncrowded show on the campus of the University of Toledo. Primarily, the artists are alumni of the University - I am not one of those, but they have accepted me there anyway! So I am a little proud of that fact! I just tell everyone I'm a "pretend" alumni! ;o)