Farewell 2009...

Isn't this a nice rendition of Times Square? This is actually a sweater I found at a thrift shop! Yes, I am actually planning to wear it tomorrow at work! It WAS for the year 2000, but witha little tweaking (and fabric paint) it becomes very current!

..So if you see this sweater, say hi, 'cause I'm pretty sure I'm the only person goofy enough to wear it in public!
Have a fun and Happy New Year!


Time For Resolutions

...They're watching me!...

Well, the holiday's over, so that means vacation's over! I have at least 40 cast leaves inside and outside, waiting to be painted. Every year I swear I'll have everything finished before the new leaves are ready to cast, but I always have a few left! So there are 3 leaves waiting for their final coating of sealer waiting for me right now in the studio (i.e., the laundry room), and I need to buckle down and paint at least one each day especially before March, which is when seed starting season begins! That is when I have to fit yet another purpose into the studio/laundry/cat's room! But that is hopefully when I will be able to transition some of my "leafin" work back outside! So my New Year's resolution is to get the paints out and continue with this commitment I began 4 years ago!


I "Heart" My Leaves!

Speaking of little things, I have also just developed a little

"trademark" - a small Morning Glory leaf pressed into the backs of my

castings. Isn't that sweet? A little heart shaped reminder that they are
made by hand. Actually, the truth is that I can't seem to eradicate all

of those damn weedy Morning Glory vines from my yard, so I thought I'd

at least find a use for part of them! All plants have a purpose,if one looks closely enough!


Almost A New Year

 And all in all, it's been great! A few new shows that went very well (a couple that did NOT, but that's the nature of the game), pretty good weather for almost all of them, and our new canopy worked out just like I wanted. Even works well at an indoor show! So things are as good as can be expected, considering our local (and national) economy is not well these days.

I am looking forward to the new year for another reason - I won't have to write "'09" in paint pen on rough cemennt anymore! Seriously, a zero and a nine are hard to write legibly! When 2010 arrives, a ONE and a zero will be much easier! O.K., so it doesn't sound like such a big deal, but it's the little things in life that are important, right?

 So goodbye to 2009, and i look forward to next year, and even MORE to the year after that (2011! Woo-hoo!)