The Story of The FAERIE DOORS (to print out)

Many have heard of the mysterious "Fairy Doors" of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is said that the fairies used to reside in woodlands and forests, but because of urbanization and the disappearance of many wooded areas, they had to expand their horizons and look for new digs. While searching, they came across the Bohemian and artistic community known as Ann Arbor and many settled there. The community now lives in harmony with the tiny, elusive populace, but their little band is growing….

Recently, I was contacted (cannot tell you exactly how...) and discovered that the fairies have become interested in my cast leaves because they are unique and remind them of their original homes. Since they use magic to create their homes, they do not need much more than a doorway/portal and an invitation from a happy individual or family to move in. A fairy habitat on your property or in your home is very good fortune, and, if a fairy moves in, she will live with you forever if she is happy. I am creating the Faerie Doors now so the Winged Ones may establish their new homes (it’s a kind of “Build It And They Will Come” thing…)

Please keep in mind that the door does NOT need to open.

Faeries enter and exit by magic (the doors opening would attract too much attention!)


These are not Toys! They are a hand made, weather resistant and durable art form, but contain tiny components and could be broken if mishandled or left outside in cold winters. Faeries move South for the Winter anyway! =-)