Bartering Our Talents

So, a new acquaintance of mine (a friend of my SIL) sews (one thing I DON'T do), and in talking with her, I discovered she makes purses / handbags. I requested one with leaves on it (oh, gosh, what a surprise, huh?), and she did a wonderful job! 

She knows the work I do, so when she was finished with the purse, she had a request: to trade for a casting of a leaf that she had found on a beach during her Florida vacation, and to add the phrase, "Florida 2012" somewhere on it. 

Well, casting a leaf wasn't a problem (since I have cast about a thousand so far!), but how do I add words to it? I didn't want to put them anywhere ON the leaf, since it wasn't very large, so I decided to cast it as a "fossil" plaque, and to use some rubber stamps I had found a while ago (but never used).

Here's the leaf itself on its sand bed. This had to work the first time, since there was only that one leaf - and even I don't know what plant it came from! 
The leaf itself had a seriously odd coloration, as well, and it was kind of a job to match that color.

BUT, here is the finished product, and I think it turned out pretty darn good! The trade was made, and we were both happy!

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