To Frou Frou Or Not To Frou Frou

My spousal unit and I have "discussions" all the time about decorations in our booth. Granted, considering all we have to transport (and really don't want to expand beyond our truck), there isn't a lot of room for extra frills. Of course, being a man, he sees no reason for it, but I know that I'm more attracted to a booth that has sparkles, a pretty cloth backdrop or flowers, as most women are. (I'm just making generalizations ~ some men are attracted to stuff like that too ~ heck, my dad collects dolls!). The only concession he has made encompasses some small leaves covered in glitter (craft store-after Xmas sale) that I hang around the signs and frame.

In the past year though, at indoor shows, we have decided to use our canopy frame in our space, since I'm getting to the point where I need the extra display space. Last Fall I purchased some garlands of red and yellow leaves to make the canopy look more like a gazebo, and surprisingly, I'm getting no complaints from my other half! I have since acquired some "Summer" garlands to use when we have the full canopy up at the outdoor shows. I guess because they're so lightweight (and can pretty much fit anywhere), it's not bothering him. I really think it makes a difference, though.

I have only one problem: I really get irritated when someone is looking at my work, compliments it, then points at one of the decorations (that cost me a few cents each) and asks, "How much is that?" (Seriously ~ that has happened several times!)
Note the glittery leaves on each side of the sign (Hmmm...note to self - I was going to look into something to stiffen that sign...)

 I really need to train myself to quote them a (high) price like they really ARE for sale without saying anything else. That would have one of two results: 1) if they're dumb enough to pay it, I make a profit or 2) they would realize how ridiculous that question really was! Hey, a win-win situation!


Nature Bling?

I have always been a "nature girl" who loves plants, animals, the sun,flowers, etc., and being away from the not-so-natural, manmade world.

The soft greens, browns, blue and white skies, just make me happy and content.

Then there's the other me, who loves bling! Not as in 'expensive jewelry' - I just love glitter, sparkles, spangles, mirrors (diamonds are still OK, though!) - anything that reflects the light. I always describe myself as a little monkey, because they like to collect sparkly things. My husband, on the other hand, describes me as a"crow" (well, because they do the same thing - I like MY description better, however!It'd be too easy to throw the word "old" in front of "crow")!

Of course, glitter can be found in the natural world - the evening sunlight on water, the sun coming out right after a fresh snowfall (or an ice storm!), the stars on a clear night, dewdrops on a Lotus leaf,even flakes of quartz in stones scattered on the ground...

So, these days, even as I create my concrete leaves, and want to use the muted colors of Nature, part of me wants to stick just a little bit of flash on them! I have attached clear glass "raindrops" to the Lotus leaves, added a touch of metallic colors on others, pearls and glass beads on the Hibiscus stamens and am now putting tiny iridescent"dewdrops" on the leaf pendants......

And of course, my Fun-Gi, with their metallic impressions and jewels and copper stems, are an outlet for the "wild" side of my imagination, so not TOO much bling ends up on the leaves!