Bird of Paradise...

My friend Joanne (who started out as one of my bosses) had a huge (at least 9 ft tall) Bird of Paradise plant in her office. When I started leaf casting, she would call me to her office every time a leaf broke off or needed to be trimmed off, and I would take it and make a casting of it. Unfortunately (for me, not her!), Joanne retired at the end of February. The people in our office decided that they would like to give her one of my pieces for her gift, following a theme of "Now you'll have time to garden!". I suggested we give her a piece cast from one of her own plant's leaves, and I showed everyone photos of 2 of them to compare and pick their favorite. So I wrapped the one they picked and took it to the party. She was pleasantly surprised and (I think) thrilled with it, and it made a great impression on the board members and guests who attended!( I did not ask her if I could post her picture, so she's 'incognito'!) I really love the tropical leaves, but most of my customers seem to like the hardy leaves more (perhaps because they have deeper veins and more texture).I, of course, at least took a division of her plant for home, since I don't believe her replacement wants such a huge creature in his office, and it may be given away soon!

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