An American Idol Finalist Visits Downtown Toledo...

I can't help myself ~ I love to watch American Idol! Perhaps it's because I love to sing, too ~ the only difference between us, though, is one thing.....I CAN'T sing! Pretty much tone deaf - I still crank up my home stereo to unhealthy audio levels so I can sing my heart out and can pretend I'm actually hitting the notes! BUT I can marvel at the ease with which most of these young people can sing and live vicariously through them.
So Crystal Bowersox came to visit DT Toledo last Friday. I work down there - and the area she stopped in to sing - Levis Square - is located a very few yards from my office! Needless to say, I was in the middle of that huge (for Toledo) crowd! Even the parking garages were crowded - I probably know a lot of those folks in the picture above! We have also had many horrendously cold and rainy days lately, and fortunately, Friday wasn't one of 'em!
I didn't get as close as I hoped to, just pointed the camera in her direction and hoped for the best - but one pic came out really well! She did perform one of her original songs, "Holy Toledo", which I'm starting to really like. It's not just a song supposedly about Toledo - a lot of times it's just a generic song with the city's name stuck in it somewhere - it's a genuinely good song, written with a lot of feeling, and it was inspiring to us, in a city that's going through some very tough times, to hear someone (who no doubt will soon be a star ) in the heart of that city singing that particular song...

...Crystal made it to the Top Two tonight, and we are wishing  her the best!

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