Art In The Family

I grew up around a very good artist- my father. It was just a fact that he would be involved in the creation of one or another painting at any given time during my childhood. He complains now that I never complimented his work. That's because I took it for granted. Weren't everyones' fathers painters? Unfortunately, one of my parents' faults was overprotecting me to the point that I never got out around other humans to find out that actually, no, NOT everyone's parents were artists! But, that's the way it was.

If you are a follower of mine on Facebook, you probably know that dad is now currently in a nursing home, whether to eventually come home or not is still to be decided. But I visited his neighbor last week (who is actually the owner of a business next to his house) and took some pics of a couple of paintings he purchased from Dad hanging in their office. 

I have a secret, though....that large painting spent many years under my bed, unfinished. only the Native Americans were painted - no background. When my husband saw it, he told Dad he would pay him just to FINISH it, not even to sell to us! Took him many more years to finally decide to complete the painting, his neighbor happened to see it just before it was finished and immediately made an offer on it! So it has lived in above pictured room ever since.
Also unfortunately, my dad is one of those artists who think that if you're not a PAINTER, you're not really an artist! So I keep hearing the sentence: "Too bad you never became an artist!"  {{{sigh....}}}

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