On A Bright, Sunny, Icy Day

...With nothing even I want to do outside, I decided to clean my paperweight collection, and after seeing them in the sunshine, had to create a little photo journal of my favorites! 
       ...Got a thing for butterflies, too...

A lot of them were acquired at garage sales, thrift shops, places like that, but a few were actually found at art shows. This is one of those...

                       And of course, anything with a nature theme is very appealing to me!
                                                       A millefiori type
               How about butterflies AND flowers?

                                            Another art show purchase
More flowers

                                                          One of my favorites

Even vases with paperweight type accents!
And my VERY favorite - one given to me by my husband ~ this is actually acrylic with a real seedhead inside! (Looks like dandelion, but much larger).

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