Am I An Artist???

My father is - no question about it- these are a couple of his works of his that I own. Dad always believed that "art" was synonymous with "painting" - an "artist" is a "painter", not a glassblower, not a sculptor, nothing three dimensional. I'm not sure what exactly he thinks those disciplines are, but apparently they're just not Art. He's 86 years old, though, so I forgive him! ;o)

As for me, I like to think I'm an artist, too. O.K, not Fine Art, but definitely beyond crafts. There's the big question among craftspeople and artisans, "Is it Art or Crafts?"
I did read an article just recently that explained it well. Crafts are something that anyone who is creative can do with a little training, but Art is more specialized, and something not everyone can master. Hopefully what I do falls into that category! I know I shouldn't concern myself about it, but of course, I want to say I am an artist, and following in my father's footsteps!
I have had people tell me that my leaf castings are very artistic, which I'm very grateful for - what do YOU think? (I won't get upset if you don't agree, I promise!)

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