The Music of Nature + The Music of Man (...or Woman!)

I now have an iPod ( Hey, I'm old-it takes us longer to "tech up"!). The main reason I have one is my discovery that when I'm working on my castings in the backyar...er...studio, songs run through my mind but , for some reason, they're songs I don't really care for! Very weird. I'm either humming a Christmas song (I like those the WEEK of Christmas, that's it. The rest of the year, I don't want to be reminded of that time of year- i.e., cold, dark, snow...), or something from Mary Poppins (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, of all things!!!). Over and over! So, I have my iPod so I can "clear the palate", be inspired by song, and quite often, I actually REMEMBER what I listened to when working on some of the pieces. That is fairly humorous, considering I usually can't remember what I did ten minutes ago! These are some I remember...

"Layla" - Derek and the Dominos

"Toussaint L'Overture" - Santana (This is in my garden)

"Ain't My Bitch" - Metallica ( Hey, I don't write 'em, I just listen to 'em!)

As you can see, I listen to a broad range of music - there's a comparison I use regarding songs AND plants (and some of the reasons I like both) - there is a nearly endless variety to choose from, there are always some out there that have been around for years but become "new to me" when I discover them, and there are hundreds or thousands of brand new ones every year! Don't think I'd ever want to do without either.

I don't always see the correlation in what I'm listening to and how the pieces turn out, although I find sometimes that the faster the beat of the music, the faster I get done (LOL!) I also catch myself listening to different styles and songs than I would while, say, driving!

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