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Art In The Garden, June 13
Was on vacation from my "real" job last week. I was probably busier than I normally am when I'm working! Had two shows on consecutive weekends, a two day and a one day, and another one day this Saturday! Whew! Even though I have to really push myself to have enough stock on hand, it is a life I think I'd love if I didn't have to have an outside job!

One of the artists I refer to - if you ever run across this guy, please check out his work! He is, by far, the best in his field (I own one of his pieces, would have more if I had more wall space!)
The most interesting part of it is meeting all the other artists and craftspeople and getting to know some of them. It's fun to share stories and find out the opinions of the more experienced show circuit folks, the ones who actually make a living at what they do! How cool. I haven't quite convinced my husband to go to med school and become a brain surgeon so I can quit and have my art career full time! Have to keep working on that...

And of course, can't forget my customers! I have realized that as a rule, people in general either "get" what I do and love it, or have no idea why I would make these stupid cement things! I have determined that maybe 20% of a crowd of people love my work, and out of those, maybe half will purchase something. It is not for everyone, and, as I whined about before, there are not a lot of gardeners (or artists) in my area. I'm sure things would be much different in some other area of the country. So, while I have a lot of organizers of craft shows approach me, I don't participate in a lot of those -they have to have high attendance numbers to find enough of that 20% who are MY people!

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