...Those Shoes!

I cannot wear pretty shoes. Without going into a lot of detail, between bunions and my bones in my feet not really aligned like they should be, I never could wear high heels or anything without a lot of support to them. Since I began participating in art/craft festivals, I tried several types of shoes that were touted to be comfortable, but after standing 10-12 hours, (usually on concrete!), none of them could keep up, and my feet and legs ached for 2-3 days afterwards! Even some walking shoes don't make it. I still wanted something pretty or "artsy" though. So I found a lot of websites dedicated to "customizing your kicks", and here is my solution : paint!

Got many (positive) comments. They're still a work in progress - I think the blue may be changed to green, and the paint flaked some on the bends, so there will be some tweaks, but I'm happy with my first attempt!

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