Art By Necessity

My husband (and I - but it's mostly his) owns the oldest comic book shop in our city (26 years!). It's not in this location any more, but when we first opened, we needed signage and, although my father is a wonderful artist and was a signpainter for many years, I had to paint our signs myself (I'll skip the childhood angst stuff - suffice it to say he didn't want to). Well, I had never painted much at all, but I always say that I can generally do a fairly decent job if I'm inspired. So paint I did...

Oops, OK, my dad helped some- he "blew up" this pic of Captain America for me, so all I had to do was trace it on the door and paint it. I thought this was the greatest thing - definitely made our store recognizable!
Heres' a closer shot

Then the business 2 doors down wanted a sign, so I did another (don't worry, they didn't pay much for it!)
Then I painted another for the beauty shop next door - I was on a roll! I was only working part time in those days, so I had the time! These are old film photos, sorry they're not clearer, but it was a long time ago! So, BTW, don't try calling any of these places - they're long gone! (Hey, wait, our store's phone number is still the same! Give him a call if you need comic book related items!) OK,enough of my shameless promoting of the shop (It's at 4400 Heatherdowns, by the way)....  :o)

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