The Male Factor

I love to watch men.

- Oops, that wasn't quite what I wanted to say! - While that IS a true statement, that will have to wait for another post at another time...;-}
 What I mean is, I love to watch men at the art and craft shows I'm set up at. Most of them attend because their wives or ladyfriends want them to, and spend the day following them around and trying not to yawn too often. They walk past the jewelry, the fabric purses, the pottery, the geese clothes, etc. with a glazed look in their eyes and shuffling along like "Dawn Of The Dead" extras. They see my booth, glance inside, start to walk away, but then catch sight of the word "cement". They move back, touch one of the leaves, pick it up, look at the back of it - all very quietly and with slightly furrowed brows. I can just see the gears turning in their heads! They cannot reconcile what I'm doing with their experiences they may have had involving cement/concrete. Yes, he may have poured a sidewalk last year, but how can THIS actually be created from the same material? Many do ask questions about the process, and it really piques their interest.

Anyway, they usually go away very impressed, and (whether they purchase anything or not), I'm happy that what I do is appreciated by BOTH sexes! I even have male fans who are quite young (20 something), and that is even more unusual!
That's another advantage to selling leafcastings as opposed to jewelry - men wouldn't stop at a jewelry booth - what fun would THAT be?~

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